Big BOx


Provide Wi-Fi for up to 50-100 simultaneous users using its internal dual-band dual-antenna Wi-Fi.

Two additional Wi-Fi access points can be powered from the box to provide Wi-Fi for up to 150-300 simultaneous users, these can be part of mesh Wi-Fi systems.

Can power up to 4 point-to-point radios, it can also act as the nerve centre of a larger network that can serve thousands of simultaneous users, enough to equip large camps of displaced people.

The system can broadcast up to 4 SSIDs, which can be open or password protected and be associated with different VLANs to enable different traffic shaping profiles.

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The system can accept any source  of internet connectivity: 3G/4G, wired connections, satellite broadband or it can also power its own point-to-point radio to connect to a private distribution network. Where 3G/4G signals are weak, an external antenna can be used to achieve high speeds.

Big Box shapes the internet traffic it delivers. This is used to share bandwidth fairly between many users. It can block advertising which can effectively double the bandwidth available. Each public user is provided an isolated channel to the internet, they cannot see or be seen by other users, preventing intentional hacking as well as the unintentional spread of viruses and malware.

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In educational situations our ability to shape traffic can block content unsuitable for children as well as sites that may enable the exploitation of users in general. In low bandwidth situations, access can be limited to a subset of internet domains.

Local wired networks can also be built out from the system for connecting school labs or desktop computers. Even if access to the internet is limited, Big Box can allow for rich offline educational, training or entertainment content.


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The system is fan-less, rugged and waterproof, and accepts any 10.5-48v DC power supply. It can be powered from the cigarette lighter in a car, a solar or wind power system, lead acid or lithium battery stacks or a laptop’s AC power supply. The whole system can be remotely managed and requires no technical knowledge to set up or use.

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