Little Box

In many cases teams of humanitarian responders will be working in challenging conditions where access to knowledge and communications is essential for high-functioning operation. However, in many cases normal internet access will not be available.

Little Box is a battery powered device about the size of a hardback book, designed to provide high-quality Wi-Fi for these response teams in the field.

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Little Box shares many of the features of Big Box, but is designed for up to 30 Wi-Fi users, has one ethernet output and cannot power external radios. It can accept internet input from many sources: through the in built 4G modem, a wired Ethernet connection, a satellite broadband receiver even a point to point radio to access a locally deployed wireless Internet backbone (requires external power). Where 3G/4G signals are weak, an external antenna can be attached to give fast speeds even in weak signal areas.

The internal ad blocking system saves on data usage to maximise the effectiveness of any connection. In addition, the same traffic shaping features are available on Little Box as Big Box, though at a lower throughput of 120 Mbps.

Local wired networks can also be built out from the system for labs, desktop computers or encryption devices.

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The system is waterproof and accepts any 5-32v DC power supply so can easily be powered from the cigarette lighter in a car, a solar or wind power system or a laptop’s AC power supply. The system possesses a 90 Wh Lithium Iron battery that is enough for 8-10 hours of operation.